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This program has been superseded by Nokia Suite.

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Julia Galygo Senior editor

Ovi is a great example of the “software + services” concept going through most of the technology industries. Ovi includes all of the PC suite functions and features while having additional features and a far more intuitive and attractive user interface. The software is also connected to the online Ovi services for uploading, download and sharing media such as music, images and games.
The new Nokia Ovi Suite for PC application (Outlook-like application) looks like a great way to manage your device and content with a PC based application. Share on Ovi lets you manage photos and video content too, so with Ovi you can get a complete experience for ensuring that your most important information is backed up and always accessible. Share on Ovi gives you virtually unlimited storage for photos and videos. Ovi now also provides syncing of calendar, contacts and files. If you’re currently using PC Suite I would really recommend giving this a try, it is an improvement in every way, even including performance.


  • All PC Suite functions + additional features and improvements.
  • Connection to online Ovi services.
  • Unlimited storage of photos and videos.
  • Syncing of calendars, contacts and files.


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    TonyC 2 months ago

    Don't waste your time as I did.
    This seems to be downloading the earlier potentially useful version, but it actually installs as version 3.1.
    3.1 looks pretty but does not function. It will not complete a phone back-up as it cannot access SMS so that it fails in its primary purpose. If you don't care about your information but want only to move media files around, it will do that, but you can do that without this software.

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    TonyC 2 months ago

    Apparently, the early version (2.1) may work. The later versions and the replacement suite are not useful, at least to me, as they cannot access SMS data.
    I can download ringtones, but I can't access messages. What a triumph of appearance over usefulness. Kind of sums up 21st Century IT!

  • 0
    Muhammad 4 years ago

    Thanks for the program. I think it's helpful.

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